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Life in Porto

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Soon after your arrival, you will fall in love with the Mediterranean climate and the warmth of the people. The hospitality of the Portuguese as well as a large expat community will allow you to quickly make friends. Away from the hustle and bustle and just a short walk from the waterfront, lies the Fontainhas ("Little Fountains" in Portuguese) neighbourhood. Here, we find ourselves in the midst of small side streets, street caf├ęs and antique shops. Regional restaurants and bars invite you to take a relaxed lunch break.

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Life in Lisbon

Lisbon is built on seven hills. That means a lot of work for one's calf muscles, but also some beautiful views to make up for it! You can stroll through historic quarters, visit monasteries, churches and museums, take a boat trip on the Tagus, spend your savings shopping and dance the night away in one of the chic clubs. Our office is located in the middle of Portugal's fascinating capital and just around the corner from Eduardo VII Park. What makes Lisbon so attractive is its imperfection. Roar over the city's hills by tram or enjoy the fresh sea breeze from the Atlantic - the unique mix of cultures and hospitality invites you to discover.

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